We are licensed Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agent offering the most effective and reliable Customs Clearance. We also offer professional consultation on inland transportation, inspection, documentation, certification process, final port clearance and both inbound and outbound logistics. We promise our clients to adhere to standards recommended by the industry and offer them professional and customized solutions.

We are pleased to offer our services in CUSTOMS CLEARANCE and LOGISTICS SERVICES to handle your import/export and transit shipments. With our Offices in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma we provide fast and professional services on very economical rates. Our priority is to reduce the cost of importations and speed up custom procedures. We clear Sea Cargo, Air Cargo; Road shipment throughout all borders. We can handle any type of cargo anytime and from anywhere in the world.

All our staffs are trained to understand that our customers’ individual needs are different and are attended professionally differently. We are also a good communicator to our customers as our business is a service based industry and we are committed to have smooth transactions with our customers in a timely and accurate manner. We have in-depth knowledge of customs laws, regulations and procedures. Import and Export customs clearance service that we offer include:

  • Customs Documentation
  • Carting / Receiving Goods
  • Examination and verification of Shipments
  • Transport Services and Handling of stuffing and de-stuffing at ports and customer warehousing.